About Kevin Combs Photography


I have loved photography since I was a child.

I started becoming serious about the art when I was a teenager. My Dad was an avid canoeist. He decided to buy a 35mm camera to record the beauty of the scenery along the New River. It wasn't long before I appropriated the camera and started recording my own visions.

I worked in a textile factory and went to high school and college. Part of the money I earned in the mill went toward outfitting a darkroom in the spare bedroom in my parents' house. No plumbing in the bedroom was no problem. All of the plumbing I needed was in our single bathroom.

My art has taken the digital revolution in stride. It simply has afforded me more opportunities to express myself through visual art.

My unique vision is finding the dramatic and the unusual in everyday life.

                         First photograph - my parents.

                         First photograph - my parents.